Merapi Merbabu Magelang Coffee is Registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property

Sep 20, 2022

JAKARTA: From Gayo coffee of Aceh to Wamena coffee of Papua. Indonesia is a land famous for the coffee it cultivates. Among the stand out are Luwak Coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world, Toraja Coffee, a smooth, soft bitter coffee with a floral and fruity taste that has managed to earn the title “Queen of Coffee”, and now, the Regency of Magelang have decided to introduce a distict coffee to the world. The coffee of interest is Coffee “Arabika Merapi Merbabu Magelang”, or it’s shortened name, Merapi Merbabu coffee. This coffee has become the consumer’s first choice among the many types of coffee traded by well-known coffee sellers not only in Central Java and Jogyakarta provinces, but also throughout the Indonesian archipelago. its reputation is indeed unquestionable.

Merapi Merbabu coffee is produced from Arabica coffee plants grown at an altitude of 900 meters to 2,000 meters above sea level (masl). This plant grows on land in the Magelang Regency area, an area topographically shaped like a cup (basin) surrounded by 5 (five) mountains with average rainfall of more than 1,300 mm/year with 3 dry months/year. An area suitable for the plant cultivation of Merapi Merbabu coffee. Coffee farmers of the Merapi Merbabu coffee type are very selective in choosing the coffee beans they will harvest, to ensure that the distinctive taste of Arabica Coffee is maintained for both its quality and enjoyment.

To further maintain the excellent quality of the coffee, members of MPIG Arabica Merapi Merbabu Magelang have submit an application for registration as a geographical indication product to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The registration also aims to protect consumers, prevent deception and ensure the quality of any coffess bearing the label “Arabika Merapi Merbabu Magelang”. According to the application document, as quoted from the Official Gazette of Geographical Indications, Arabica coffee is a source of income for the people who inhabit the Merapi Merbabu Magelang area. The application which was submitted on June 24, 2022 with the recorded number of E-IG.09.2022.00005. It was published and began to be announced on August 2, 2022. Currently, the application is in the publication stage. If it is officially registered, the registration of Geographical Indications for Merapi Merbabu Coffee will become a form of recognition from the government that will ensure the quality and security of Merapi Merbabu Coffee. (RIE-BDP/Su)

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