Indonesian Global IP Index – It Gets Better

Jun 03, 2024

Jakarta: The Indonesian Global Intellectual Property (“IP”) Index keeps getting better. According to the US Chamber of Commerce report on the Global Innovation Policy Centre (“GIPC”) on February 22nd, 2024, Indonesia's index in intellectual property on a global scale scored 30,40, ranked 49th from a total of 55 countries around the world. In the previous year, Indonesia ranked 50th out of 55 countries.

The IP Index, published by the US Chamber of Commerce, paved the way for countries intending to strengthen their innovation ecosystem and creativity with a more effective intellectual property standard. The 12th edition of the Intellectual Property Index evaluated the IP system of the top 55 countries by using 50 unique criteria. The data shows the economy how to boost innovation and creativity with based on IP and uncover trends in global IP protection.

The IP Index also acts as a guide for world leaders on a method that has been proven in the battle for national innovation and creativity. This data helps to visualise what ways that are successful, what is not, and what changes need to be made to ensure a brighter future.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia holds good prospects as represented by the continuous efforts of the Directorate General Intellectual Property Rights to push enforcement actions on IP. This is also supported by the implementation of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) in cooperation with the Japan Patent Office (“JPO”) and the partnership engaged with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (“KIPO”) in also implementing the PPH.

Every year, US Chamber of Commerce GIPC publishes IP Indexes of many countries. According to the 12th edition of the GIPC report, IP plays pivotal role in pushing innovation, creativity, and economic investment, while also improving life quality. Studies have shown the importance of IP rights as the backbone in developing, commercialising, and distributing innovative inventions and creative works. 

GPIC works all over the globe to fight for innovation and creativity with IP standards that create job opportunities, save lives, boost the economy and global culture, as well as to generate solutions for global challenges.

In this year's GIPC report, the US ranked number one on the IP Index with a score of 95,48, followed by the United Kingdom scoring 94,12. Third, Germany scored 92,46, Sweden scored 92,12, and Japan was the only Asian country that reached the top 5 and scored 91,26. According to the report, Japan ranked number one in Asia, followed by South Korea, then Singapore. Among the ASEAN members, Indonesia ranked far behind other countries. 

This index maps the intellectual ecosystem of 55 countries that represent more than 90% of the Gross Domestic Product globally. This index evaluates the framework of intellectual property in every economy by using 50 indicators which are believed by many industries could embody the most effective intellectual property-based economy.

The index also helps the creators of global policies measure the strengths and weaknesses of a national ecosystem compared to other countries and other competitors. It also measures how the economy empowers innovators and creators and whether each country dan the global market is on the right track to shape a brighter future. (RIE/GMW-su)


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