Dolls That Stimulate Emotional Intelligence in Children at Early Age Will Be Patented

Jul 29, 2022

JAKARTA: So far, one of the media that is often used by many people to help the development of emotional intelligence of children in early childhood is hand puppets. How to play it is simple, put one hand into the doll, then move the index finger to play the head and other fingers can be used to play the doll's left and right hands. From playing the hand puppet, the child's facial expressions will be reflected to see if they are in happiness, sadness, or feel other emotional expressions.

Now, along with technological developments and advances, various media have emerged to stimulate early childhood emotional intelligence through technological means. One of the new inventions is a doll with deep learning system to stimulate emotional intelligence in early childhood. There are six inventors, they are Putri Rindyo Novitasari, Dr. Ir. Melly Latifah Msi, Antiek Widya Ningsih, Rahul Malik Fajri and Nidaa Fauziyyatun Nur Azizah.

The above-mentioned invention has already been submitted to the government by the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). IPB is one of the universities in Indonesia that has applied for the most patents. The invention application was received by the Directorate of Patent of Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights under application number P00202107692 on September 17, 2021. The invention has reached the announcement stage on July 13, 2022.

Based on the patent application document, the doll is able to detect the child's facial expressions and predict what emotions are being felt by the child, then the doll provides responses in the form of its changing facial expressions, change of color of its body and vocal responses adjusted to the child's facial expressions.

This doll which has a height of 32 cm and weight of around 1 Kg is equipped with a camera, LCD, speakers, charging plug, buttons and adaptor as an energy source. LED lights are also placed around the doll's body and provide a light effect as the doll's reaction to the detection results of the child's emotions. The doll is also equipped with a raspberry pi4 component as a data center connected to its LCD, LED lights and speakers.

This Doll Invention is still in the process of getting approval from the Patent Office. This process will continue for a long time before the patent certificate can be issued. After passing the publication and then entering the substantive examination stage, the patent examiner will compare this invention with similar inventions that have existed.

If this invention contains a novelty, where its inventions have never been disclosed in existing inventions, then the Doll Invention will be recognized and registered as a patent at the Directorate of Patent of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. (BCS/BDP-su)

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