Director General of Intellectual Property Benchmarks Japanese IP Protection Method

Nov 21, 2022

It is commonly believed that creators have the right to profit from their work. As a result of their time, effort, and struggle, they have earned the right to benefit from their labor, which is the basis of Intellectual Property. Despite this, counterfeiting is a prevalent crime that every law enforcement agency must combat. As a result of the direct action of infringers, fewer creators will be subjected to grave injustice. This concept is represented by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of Indonesia, which has chosen a course of action.

The US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) is known to have released an international intellectual property index in 55 countries around the world in 2022. Japan is ranked first in Asia with a score of 91.26, followed by Singapore with a score of 84.44, and South Korea in third place with a score of 83.94.

With Japan's accomplishment, it is unavoidable that other countries, including Indonesia, will look to Japan as an example of conducting one's Intellectual Property Protection. Indonesia intends to study and adopt Japan's intellectual property protection system as a model for its own.

"We want to learn how the Japan Patent Office (JPO), Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), and the government collaborate to combat intellectual property infringement in e-commerce." On November 7th, Anom Wibowo, the Director of Investigation and Dispute Resolution of the DGIP, welcomed Nishiyama Tomohiro, an expert from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to Jakarta.

Nishiyama Tomohiro applauded DGIP's plan to make Japan a model for Indonesia's intellectual property protection system. He has stated that he will invite a delegation from DGIP to JICA headquarters to learn how Japan handles intellectual property infringement.

Furthermore, Anom expressed on the website that DGIP would sign a cooperation agreement (MoU) between trademark owners and e-commerce in the context of Intellectual Property law enforcement early next year. "We welcome trademark owner representatives in Japan who would like to participate in the signing," he said.

With the increased growth of digital commerce (e-commerce), the methods of buying and selling products have become much more advanced, as has the method of counterfeiting those products. As a result, it has become increasingly crucial for Indonesian IP law to be consistently enforced using advanced methods to accommodate and protect the rights of its people. (SMN-BDP/su)

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