Cakalang Fufu, a Unique Culinary Product of North Sulawesi is Now Registered Under Geographical Indication

May 23, 2022

JAKARTA: With a richness of ethnic cultures, the Indonesian society, which is one of the most populated countries in the world, one will find also unique cultures, its product as well as its variety of culinary delights.

Indonesia’s vast culture is indicated by its traditional products, but in particular also its distinct unique culinary delights. It therefore calls on the importance of safeguarding the name of these specialties under Geographic Indication, and to ensure that no other party replicates the product name in any other parts of the world outside the original area where it is produced.

One of the culinary delights, originating from the Northernmost Tip of the Island of Sulawesi is the “Cakalang Fufu”. The cakalang fufu is specifically made from the unique Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis) is cooked and prepared in the manadonese style (Manadonese ethnic style of North Sulawesi). The warm equatorial sea surrounding the city of Manado, that is at the end of the long tentacle-like peninsula, provides an abundance of skipjack tuna in the deep surrounding ocean.

The process of making it begins with the skipjack fish meat being cut in half and clamped with bamboo tongs. To get an attractive smoked color, the fish meat is sprinkled with salt and soda powder, then the skipjack tuna will to be smoked.

When roasting, according to the Cakalang Fufu processor, the heat of the fire must be evenly distributed so that the meat is cooked and dry. The smoking process takes four hours, while the cooling takes two hours.

The process continues until the skipjack tuna turns reddish in color. If the processing is done correctly, Cakalang Fufu can be stored at room temperature for one month.

Cakalang Fufu can be fried and shredded as additions to various dishes such as potato salad, skipjack noodles, fried rice, and others. It has become a popular dish in Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi.

With its registration under geographical indication, the government, and the people of North Sulawesi alongside the wider Indonesian community could be assured of Cakalang Fufu uniqueness, for it is protected by law from those who seek to replicate it. The same would applies to other culinary and traditional delights, however these to receive full protection from the law against any replication, it is recommended to make such registration as expedient as possible. (rie/bdp/su)


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